Foam printed windshields
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Windshields & Flags

Windshields (windscreens, popfilters, microphone covers) are the foam covers/shields that are placed over the voice section of the microphone. The purpose is to avoid the popping and rustling with the pronunciation of, among others, the letters P, F and S and to prevent the whooshing sound of the wind with outdoor use.

Microphone flags are plastic blocks that are slid over the neck of the microphone. Both products are usually equipped with a company logo or advertisement.



Printed windshields, windscreens or microphone flags are the ideal solution for (local) television and radio stations, newspapers, events, studio's etc to promote their name and/or increase recognition.

A printed windshield, windscreen or microphone flag is of high quality and is finished to a high standard. It increases the professional image of your organisation. We can also provide custom made products in all colours, sizes and shapes.


Ordering & Delivery

You request a quotation and specify for which microphone the windshields must be suitable, if you have a preference for one of our models, the desired amount and colour and you provide the logo to be printed digitally. We will then provide you with a quotation and a print preview in pdf. As soon as we have your approval to this, we will start the production.

We strive for a short delivery time of about 3 weeks and with rush orders even within a week.

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