Windshields & Microphone flags


Our windshields and windscreens are made of high quality foam that keep the acoustical properties of the sound intact. The practically windproof foam prevents the 'plopping' sound with wind or exhalation into the microphone. The foam is somewhat flexible and stretchable. With a logo print it is also ideal to increase recognition and familiarity of your organisation.


Under the button 'Models' you will find all the possibilities. There are round, elongated, triangular, square and other forms. In addition, we can also provide separate custom models on request.


Our windshields can be provided with a logo or text. In most cases a special type of felt print is used. A combination of printing materials can be used depending on the logo. The acoustic properties are always retained. The print is fitted solidly to the windshield so that loosening is almost impossible with normal usage.

Colour & flocking

Flocked windshield The standard colours of our foam are red, blue, black, yellow and green. You can also have your windshield or windscreen flocked. With this special technique an extra layer is applied to the shield. This adds an acoustic advantage with outdoor use, is dirt repellent and contrast-enhancing. There more, it gives a nice velvety sheen/chic image. The image shows the difference between normal foam (below) and flocking (above). Almost all colours are possible with flocking. We can also provide windshields/windscreens with multiple colours.

Custom products

Custom windshields We also manufacture custom windshields, in multiple colours or with special shaped such as in the image adjacent. We are happy to advise you and think along with you. Almost anything is possible.


Our windshields have an average delivery time of approximately 3 weeks. However, rush orders can be delivered within a week or sometimes even within a few days.

<< Unprinted windshields, windscreens, microphone flags, microphones and cables are available from stock in our webshop >>


Microphone flags


Our microphone flags (als called mic flags, microphone boxes or microphone cubes) are fabricated of hard plastic and neatly finished. They are delivered with 2 sizes foam interiors thus fitting almost every type of microphone neck. With your logo or slogan they are ideal to enhance you recognition and familiarity.

Shape & Colour

The available models are the prism (triangle) and the cube (square). Our microphone flags have a standard colour of white or black, but can be provided in many other colours on demand, even metallic gold and silver are amount the options. Sizes are found under 'Models'.

Microphone flagsPrint

Printed microphone flags are delivered with water and colourfast full colour vinyl stickers exactly to measure. We can provide glossy, matte finish stickers or contour cut stickers. The stickers/prints will not come off during normal usage.


The delivery time for a microphone flag with print is approximately 2 weeks. Rush orders can be delivered within 1-2 days.

<< Unprinted windshields, windscreens, microphone flags, microphones and cables are available from stock in our webshop >>



Quotation request

You request a free quote through our quote form or per email. You indicate for which types of microphones the windshields need to be applicable for, if you have a preference for one of our models, the amount and colour desired and you supply the logo to be printed digitally as a eps/ai/pdf vector file (designed in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw). If you do not have the logo in the required format then we can convert it for you. We then draw up a quote for you and print preview in pdf. As soon as we have you approval we will start production.


Do you have any questions about sizes, models, prices, delivery times, possibilities, file formats, etc? You are more than welcome to call or email.
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